Logging in to the Agent Services Site

First-time visitors

Thank you for visiting our web site! If this is your first time accessing our site and you are an agent currently under contract with IHC Health Solutions then logging in is easy. Your 7-digit IHC Health Solutions Agent Number is your User ID. Your initial password will be your Tax ID number or the SSN we have on file for you. Both of these numbers can be found on your last Commission Statement. DO NOT include dashes, slashes or spaces, just the 9 numeric digits.

The information will be available for the agent number you entered. Please note, if you have business under multiple agent numbers, you will need to log on with the agent number you wish to view.

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted through a brief registration procedure. Please follow the instructions to register. The system will then make up a new password and e-mail it to you, and you will need to use that new password to log on and access this secure area. Since it is rather cryptic, you are advised to change it the first time you log in by selecting the Update Your Account item from the menu.


New Agents

The Agent Services Area is intended for use by authorized Agents and General Agents under contract with IHC Health Solutions. If you are a licensed agent not currently under contract with IHC Health Solutions and wish to obtain further information about our products then click here to request additional information.


Other Login Problems

Click here if you have forgotten your password. The system will generate a new password and e-mail it to you. Please do not call or e-mail us unless you have tried this procedure and it still does not work. Our staff is not authorized to change user passwords over the phone.

The program requires a valid e-mail address to validate who you are and send you the new password. When asked for your e-mail address you must enter the same one you used when you registered. That is the e-mail address that your initial password was sent to when you registered. If you have changed your initial e-mail address using Update Your Account tools on the website, then enter the latest e-mail address that you have provided us.
By convention, e-mail addresses are always lower case.

If you are still having trouble and none of the above remedies will work, then please contact us for assistance.

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Contact the webmaster if you experience any problems with our site.